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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

i enter the door ready to 
begin a new day's routine 
full of question; ready to learn, 
ready to become an individual. 

the dreams of childhood— its 
airy fables; its graceful, beauti- 
ful, humane, impossible adornments 
of the world beyond: so good to be 
believed in once, so good to be 
remembered when outgrown. 

charles dickens 

Thought is deeper than all 


Feeling deeper than all thought. 

C. R. Cranch 

I will not follow 

where the path may lead, 

but I will go where 

there is no path, and I 

will leave a trail. 

Muriel Strode 

* ■•{' 

A laugh is worth one 
hundred groans in any 

Charles Lamb 


aKi^ $ 

What shadows we are, and what 
shadows we pursue! 




Womanhood, not scholarship 
is the first aim of educa- 

Ernest Thompson Seton 

1 ^B> .,ji 

^J A ^ 



H 1 v j lii 

: ^|H 



"> , ' *f ■','.*' >•■ ids 

*. Ww 

► • . ><-\; 

■■*>;•/ 5 »; 

- V • * *■ v» * 


►v jP^Lc 




' ^ *:''""■**• **4 

SifoJ --■•>. ■ 


itftfA uttoi&ai 


I walk away never to return 
yet I hold my head high, 
I have learned. 
I am an individual. 


st. mary's junior college 

administration and 

faculty 22 

activities 36 

classes 78 

advertisements 146 

"Liked by many, appreciated by all." 

The closeness and friendliness of "the St. Mary's family" 
makes our school the special place we will always re- 
member. The constant smile and friendly words of Mrs. 
Beam contribute greatly to this warm atmosphere and 
our memories. Each will always recall that exceptional 
feeling of being recognized as a St. Mary's girl when 
Mrs. Beam calls us by name. 

While working patiently in the bookstore and post office, 
Mrs. Beam is always ready to help us in any way she 
can. Never is there a moment when she will not put 
aside her work to laugh and talk with us. In looking back 
upon our life at St. Mary's we will never forget our Mrs. 

The Senior Class is proud to dedicate the 1967 Stage- 
coach to Mrs. Hoyle F. Beam. 


S^ Blot*- 


As President of St. Mary's, Dr. Richard G. 
Stone works continually with Faculty and 
students in broadening the horizons of the 


Few words can describe the feeling all St. Mary's girls have for 
Miss Edith A. Richardson, Dean of Students. Her vitality and 
zest for life rub off on all who come in contact with her. 

The Rev. Edward F. Moseley as Chaplain, does much in creating 
school spirit through his Chapel services. The Chapel is the 
unifying factor at St. Mary's. 


english department 

Mr. John U. Tate, chairman of the English Department and one of the 
outstanding members of the faculty, carefully guides his classes 
through Everyman. 

Miss Nancy Walker, new at St. Mary's instructs one of her English 
classes on the important features of Spenser's Faerie Queene. 

Also new at St. Mary's, Miss Rebekah McBane drills one of her classes 
on English mechanics and definitions. 

Working on English themes outside of class is not uncommon for Mrs. 
Olivan Hobbie. 

Mrs. Heise strives to give her students a basic understanding of 

American Literature is a favorite course with Mrs. David Pancoast, 
who points out an interesting passage to her class. 


As chairman of the Language Department Mr. Robert Connelly grades 
the test of one of his French students. 

Mrs. Renate Haddon informs her German students of the geography 
of the country. 

St. Mary's girls are instructed in many of the Latin 
Classics by Mrs. Harry Zepp. 

A Spanish and French instructor, Mrs. Morris MacKinnon, grades one 
of her students exams. 

Mrs. J. Leroy Smith and Miss Ann Elizabeth Brewer give their French 
students an interesting course and also added personal attention 

Mrs. George Frazier encourages her Spanish 
students along an independent study program. 

language department 


Dr. Owens Hand Browne, chairman of the Science Department, 

demonstrates a scientific principle to his small but eager chemistry 

Another Biology instructor, Mrs. Fredrick F. Fish, is very concerned 
about the wellfare of her students and is well-liked for her interest. 

Miss Mary Oliver Ellington, a well liked Biology instructer, seems very 
pleased because her students finally understand the difference 
between mitosis and meiosis. 

science department 

Mr. Joel Weiner, a new and much admired Biology and Anatomy 
instructor, points out a muscle to his advanced Anatomy class. 


Mrs. Richard W. Dosher seems very pleased with her Geometry class, 
who evidently understand congruent triangles. 

mathematics department 

Miss Ruth Lineberry, chairman of the Mathematics Department, 
shows understanding for her students struggling to conceive difficult 
mathematical principles. 

Mrs. Michael W. Smith explains to her trigonometry class a basic 
principle, which every math student should know 


Mr. Kenneth B. Nichols gives a contem- 
porary outlook to his Sociology class. 

Mrs. W. R. Smith, III Points out a tamil 
lar passage to her Bible students. 

Chairman, Dr. Mabel M. Morrison, inspires not 
only students but faculty with a zest for learning. 

Mrs. Robert Higgins instructs Fresh, and 
Jr. in American and European History. 

Approaching her American History class, 
Mrs. Robert F. Stoops carries an armful of 
interesting facts 

The Rev. Edward F Moseley, as Chap- 
lain, conducts several Bible classes. 

Economics class is instructed by Mr. Eric J. Olson. 

Government is a fascinating course taught 
by Mr. Don Roberts. 

social science and religion department 



I vl 

wS ' '1 

-iiiAs -=»■ \M 

. ^^^ 

' ;» ■■ „ 

■ vy/l 

HB| ■ ■' 


The head of the Music Department, Miss Mary Ruth Haig, gives an 
interesting program for her students to follow. 

music department 

Miss Mary Jane McCoy finds illustration effective as she leads the 
school choir. She also assists in the direction of the glee club. 

Here Mr. Donald Peery instructs a student in piano. He also has 
courses in Music Appreciation. 

Miss Geraldine Cate works hard with her voice students and glee club 
to produce very enjoyable concerts. 


art and drama 

As the head of the Dramatics Department, Mrs. E. L. Stamey provides | 
excellent entertainment for St. Mary's. 

1 1 ■ K^^^ 

| n 

Re**., (OftN 

>- IjH 




1 a ~"^»- 

/m : 

'^B^^__-f* x 


Mrs. Ben F. Williams reviews some artwork with Elizabeth Freeman. 


As dance instructor Mrs. William J. Bailey works with a student teach- 
ing her the beauty of body movement. 

physical education 

Mrs. Billy Barr gives her students a clearer understanding of Hygiene 
and of healthy physical activity. 

As chairman of the department Miss Mary Louise Jones instructs M. 
Richardson and S. Davis in the skills of archery. 



Miss Jane Augustine, Alumnae Secretary 

Miss Frances Vann, Bursar; Miss Julia Jordan, Purchasing Officer; 
Miss Elizabeth Tucker, Registrar; Mr. Hersel M. Bixler, Director of 

Miss Charity Moody, Mrs. Juanita H. Hamm, Mrs. Anne K. Harrington, 

Mrs. Hoyle F. Beam, Bookstore and Post Office 

Mrs. Briggs, Secretary to Dean. 

Mrs. Leslie A. Smith Switchboard 

Mrs. Ruth P. Pendergraph, Mrs. Christine D. Johnson, not pictured Miss I. T. Richardson, 
Miss Margaret Sasser, Mrs. Irene S. Pascall. 

Mrs. Harlan C. Brown, Librarian, Mrs. Owens Hand Browne, Mrs. Chisenhall, Assistant 

Mr. Robert Bell, Food Service Manager. 


9 10 12 
i 16 17 18 19 
2 23 2526 
9 30 

s Minimis otfasin 

Mrs. C. E. Smith, R. N., Resident Nurse; Dr. Chauncey L. Royster, College Physician; 
Mrs. M. S. Upchurch, Assistant Nurse. 

Mrs. Kathenne Adams, Housekeeper 


student government 

By participating in democratic community living, the 
members of the Student Government Association develop 
high ideals of citizenship. The principles of the Honor Code 
provide for the firm establishment of high ethical stan- 
dards and firm moral integrity in all aspects of student 
life. Three officers, the President, the Vice-President, and 
the Secretary serve as the link between the faculty and 
student body and between the faculty and administration. 
Under the jurisdiction of the Student Government Associa- 
tion are the Honor Board, the Hall Council, and the 
Legislative Body. 

Upon arrival at St. Mary's, students become not only 
members, but a vital part of the Association. The coopera- 
tion and the interest of the members enables the Student 
Government Association to function in the best interest of 
the school. 

Margaret Stevens, President 


mm \ 

i ■ 


Stacy Watkins, Secretary of Hall Council 

Jean Healy, President of Day Students 

Gale Swann, Secretary Treasurer 

Molly Leary, Vice-President 

#*TiX • .*-" 


Linda Beville. Chairman of Hall Council 

>*V !,«* 

honor board 


Vice President 


Senior Representative 

Junior Representative 

Underclassmen Representative 

Margaret Stevens 

Molly Leary 

Gale Swann 

Cheryll Botts 

Mary C. Whittle 

Juliet Smith 

Georgia Herbert 





egislative body 

The Legislative Body, consisting of faculty members and 
representatives from the classes, emphasizes the direct 
involvement that the students have with their Student 
Government. Throughout the year the Legislative Body 
meets to consider any necessary changes in the Consti- 
tution and the Student Government regulations. 

Chairman — Molly Leary 
Secretary— Nancy Smith 

Lucile McKee 
Margaret Stevens 
Margaret Highsmith 
Susan Byars 
Ann London 
Betsy McAlistor 
Arabella Nash 
Gray Brothers 
Suzanne Crockett 
Margaret Kelly 
Linda Beville 


B. Little, A. Copenhaver, G. Edmunds, D. Dunston, C. Fitzpatrick, L. 
Marshall, G. Swann, N. Glass, D. Cowan, M. Gillom, A. Harney, S. 
Melvin, C. Pollock, S. Marshall, L. Keller, L. Whitley, J. Healy, C. Botts, 

D. Jacks, M. England, B. Ager, L. Miller, C. Weaver, N. Smith, K. 
Frazer, A. Holbrook 



Hall Council, composed of the chairman, the Secretary, 
the Assistant Secretary, two counselors from each 
resident hall, and three day students, is an essential 
part of the Student Government Association of St. Mary's. 
Through two branches, the Disciplinary Committee and 
the Minor Offense Committee, the Hall Council has the 
authority over all student regulations and behavior not 

directly dealt with by the Honor Board. It serves also 
as an intermediary between the faculty and the students. 
Counselors are chosen on the basis of their character, 
dependability, understanding, and patience. They are 
important not only in helping each new girl to find her 
place in life at St. Mary's, but also in acting as advisors 
for problems the girls face during the year. 

J. Shuping. S. Owens, M. Burgwyn. L. McKee, K. Sabiston, M. Stevens. 
M. Mebane, B. Murrell, G. Godwin. M. Leary, S. Hurst, S. James, N. 

Fleming. S. Wallace. C. Arbuckle. L. Beville. A. Flynn, C. Davis. L. 
Exum, L. Stott, S. Watklns. H. Hodges. M. Kelly. A. Dill. 



Margaret Elaine Isley 
Charlotte H. Noland Weaver 

Jane Celeste Patrick 

Chief Marshal 
Olivia Turlington Miller 

Marguerite Dewey Daniels 
Lavinia Lander Marshall 


Fire Captain— Susan Marshall 

Assembly Chairman— Linda Stott 

Dance Marshals— Sr. Laura Whittley, Jr. Debra Grove, Soph. Marty 
Grey, Fresh. Lynn Dunstan 



Anna Holbrook, Editor 

M. Crawley, Business Manager; M. England, Assistant Editor 

S. Slover, Photography Editor; C. Weaver. Copy Editor; L Avery. 
K. Toole. Organizations 


"• «. - 

J. Smith, Jr. Class Editor; B. Bittle, B. McAlister, Soph. Class Editor; 
M. Millichap Sr. Class Editor, S. Byars, Fresh. Class Editor; S. Gelston, 
A. Nash. 

M. Garrett, Proofreading Editor; M. McGowan, Jane Marzoni. 

N. Matthews, Typing Editor; B. Bell, C. 
Fitzpatrick, Sports Editor; G. Sellers, C. 


News editor— Nancy 

Feature editor— Sally 

Exchange editor— Anne 

Photographer— Meredith 

Head Typist— Merrie 

Circulation manager- 
Bobbie Bell 

the belles 

The BELLES, the school newspaper, is published 
thirteen times a year. In each issue, the staff strives to 
relate school functions by means of news and feature 
articles, photography, and art work. Throughout the 
year The BELLES also sponsors several on-campus 
projects, such as the Glamour Contest and the Class 
Song Competition. 

The BELLES' purposes are not only directed towards 
those who work on the staff for journalistic experience, 
but also for the entire student body. Each girl has the 
privilege of voicing her opinion on any phase of the St. 
Mary's life. 

Molly Richardson. Editor 


the muse 

Sally Hurst, Editor 

"The Muse, published twice a year, is St. Mary's literary 
magazine in which the thoughts and ideas of the 
students are expressed through poetry and prose. Its 
aims are to encourage creative writing and to stimulate 
an interest in the literary field." 

C. Allers 

N. Glass 

C. Pede 

B. Barrett 

T. Ham 

P. Peoples 

B. Bittle 

P. Henderson 

J. Shuping 

F. Breeden 

C. Hobgood 

P. Slater 

M. Burgwyn 

N. Hood 

K. Smith 

B. Clarson 

S. James 

J. Strange 

B. Conrad 

J. Kaasa 

H. Upton 

S. Cruickshank 

L. Keller 

P. Williams 

P. Davis 

N. Lee 

S. Wright 

C. Drake 

S. Marshall 

M. Dutfy 

M. Maynard 

Critics Board 

J. Friedberg 

E. Mims 

of The Muse 

M. England 

W. Morris 

Keller, Burgwyn 

S. Gill 

G. Ogden 

Marshall, James 

E. Gawen 

G. Osborne 


the handbook 

The Handbook is the Manual of the Student 
Government Association and is compiled and edited 
each year by a student committee. It contains all rules, 
procedures, and other pertinent information necessary 
tor the betterment of the student life at St. Mary's. Each 
new and returning student receives a Handbook during 
the summer and is tested on the material in the Hand- 
book at the first part of the following school year. 

Editor— Margaret Kelly 

Lu Dixion 
Margaret Burn 
Nancy Gilliam 
Lynn Abercrombie 
Donna Jacks 
Henrietta Freeman 
Helen Silcox 
Dianne Stockard 



M. England, S. Hutaff, J. Wellons, L Keller, J. Wickham, A. Garwood. 

The Dramatics Club under the direction of Mrs. Nancy 
Stamey is very active throughout the year at St. 
Mary's. The Club's first undertaking this year was the 
Thanksgiving production entitled "Tonight at 8:15". The 
performance was a bill of three short one-act plays. The 
club also undertakes two other major productions. Girls 
in the Dramatics Club are responsible, not only for the 
acting, but also for lighting, costuming, make-up, props, 
and backstage work. 

St. Genesius is the Honorary organization of the Dra- 
matics Club. It is the co-ordinating body of the Dramat- 
ics Club. Membership is based on a student's contribu- 
tion to theater life at St. Mary's, her character, attitude, 
enthusiasm, co-operation, dedication, and acceptable 
scholastic average. The members are: Susan Hutaff; 
president, Joan Wickham, secretary, Sue Ownes and 
Linda Stott. 

/n hi Reins, -^ 

Linda Stott— President. Sue Owens— Vice President 

M. England and K. Nichols display their talents in "The Prise". 


young democrats club 

An organization composed of young Americans, the 
Young Democrats Club is interested in the political ac- 
tivity of the Democratic Party. The purpose of the club 
is to increase the members' knowledge and interest in 
political and current affairs. This year the Y.D.C. 
discussed the current redistricting problem in North 
Carolina. The St. Mary's Young Democrats studied the 
redistricting problem under the leadership of their advi- 
ser, Mr. Roberts, worked out a plan they believed to be 
satisfactory, and submitted it to the North Carolina 
General Assembly for their consideration. 

Margaret Stevens, Nancy, Hood, Marty Mebane. Debbie Almguist, Ju- 
liet Smith, Kay Lasater, Barbara Conrad, Anne Blackburn, Carol Fran- 
klin, Chris Hurst, Betsy Crawford, Libby Keller, Sally James, Margaret 
Burgwyn, Judy Rockfeller, Martha Crawley, Anne Keller, Sarah Melvin, 
Katie Gartland, Lynn White, L Stott, C. Arbuckle, G. Swann, B. Little, 
H. Bridgers, B. Eure, C. Fowlkes, A. Dill, J. Hicks, C. Robinson, M. B. 
Summersill, J. Home, T. Taylor, K. Sabiston, N. Lee, C. Shoaf, G. God- 

win, J. Wickham, L. Turner, S. Byers, J. Dunn, B. Kellogg, M. Gilliam, A. 
Garwood, C. Block, V. Thompson, R. Willets, S. Glenn, L. Carter, S. 
Wallace, S. Wright, N. Matthrews, A. Doby, G. Cristoph, P. Johnson, L. 
Lifsey, S. Johnson, M. L. McGowan, N. Fleming, C. Davis, J. Wellons, 
L. Robinson, C. Bnttain, B. Simmons, K. Smith, H. Craven, L. Wall, N. 
W. Foreman, S. Gelston, M. Garrett, A. Watkins, M. Simmons, M. Ur- 
quhart, N. Richardson, S. Hutaff, B. Golding. 


C Weaver, pres; S. Gill, sec.-treas; C. Crowley, v. pres; M. Isley, L Mc- 
Kee, G. Edmunds, P. Henderson, A. Holbrooke, M. Given, M. England, 
C. Crowley, J. Saussy, S. Aichele, J. Britt, K. Baley, J. Andrews, B. 

Hunt, M. Berry, C. Weaver, C. Scott, L Bryan, M. Morrison, S. Davis, 
B. Wall, M. M. Hancock, S. Gill, B. J. Clarson, A. Northington, H. Up- 
ton, S, Crockett, L. Avery 

young republicans club 

Young Republicans at St. Mary's stimulate an active 
interest in politics on the state, national, and interna- 
tional level. This active club sponsors many speakers 
and tilms and tapes on pertinent political topics during 
the year. They also give assistance to the local party or- 
ganization. This year under the advisorship of one of St. 

Mary's young faculty members, Mr. Kenneth Nichols, 
the young Republican's Club worked closely with the 
State Republican party in the November election of Jim 
Gardner. The Young Repbulicans are also working to- 
ward the future by gathering material on Republican 
prospects for the upcoming 1968 Presidential election. 


granddaughter's club 

The Granddaughter's Club, an organization which recognizes and hon- 
ors the St. Mary's family tradition, is composed of girls whose 
mothers or grandmothers attended St. Mary's. The members act as 
guides for visitors on Alumni Day during the Spring, and annually 
they sponsor a drive to sell address books, which they compiled, to 
the students and faculty of the school. 

Arbuckle, C Burhoe. M., Carrison, S., Carter, E., Crawford, E., Cruikshank, S., Crawley, 
M., Daniels, M., Davis, P., de la Vergne, M., Dickerson, A., Downey, E. Duff, C, Duffy, 
M., Fleming, N., Flynn, A., Foreman, N., Garwood, A., Gilliam, M., Gordan. F., Harney, A., 
Henderson, P., Higgins, S., Highsmith, M., Huggins, C, Home, J., James, S., Jennings, 
L, Johnson, N., McGowan, W. McAlister, B., McKee, L, Maupin, J., Mebane, M., Miller, 
0., Mills, M., Morrison, M., Morrison, M., Nash, A., Northington, A., Pollock, C, Ri- 
chardson, M., Simmons, B., Schwartz, B., Slater, Smith, J., Stevens, M., Stockard, D., 
Thompson, V. Wellons, J., Yancey, C, Cutchin, 8., Armstrong, L, Bridgers, H., Carter, 
L, Cornman, L, Dickey, M., Dixon, V., Edwards, J., Glenn, S., Haggerty, V., Ham, H., 
Harris, B., Heaton, C, Hofler, A., Holmes, L, Johnson, P., Legg, H., McCaskill, K, 
Mann, S., Mason, S., Perry, S.. Pollard, A., Richardson, K., Rodman, E., Sheffield, A., 
Vaughan, M., Wall, M., Wideman, A., Berry, M., Bratton, C, Buchanan, S., Chamblee, 
S., Cheshire, J., Cline, C, Denning, E.. Froneberger, M., Haley, D., Morris, S., Haywood, 
N., London, A., Newell, S., Ragland, B., Richardson, N., Seifart, H., Tomlinson, S., 
Wellons. D., White. P., 



The Young Women's Christian Association at St. Mary's 
plays an important part in Brightening the lives of the 
less fortunate people, as well as the lives of the ST 
Mary's girls themselves. The Y.W.C.A. members pay dai- 
ly visits to Dorethea Dix Hospital and to the Methodist 
Orphanage. This year a new program at the State Blind 
School has been particularly successful. St. Mary's girls 
have "little sisters" to whom they pay visits and send 
notes and surprises. 

K. Anderson, B. Crawford. S. Melvin, S. Tomlinson, L. Wall C Mal- 
colm, G. Henry, S. Glenn, M. Bell, C. Brittain, C. Franklin, C McLan 
ahan, L. Avery, K. McCaskill, M. Hall, S. Gill, M. Morrison, P. Cozart S 
Carnson, M. Hancock, E. Smith, P. Henderson, B. Cutchin B Little 
M. Duffy. L. White, C. Tayloe, K. Richardson, N. Lee, C. Hudson s' 
Johnson, B. J. Clarson, A. Wott, C. Smith. V. McSwain, A. Doby, J. 
Bumgarner, A. Brady, S. Crockett, B. Green, M. Roberts, B. Wall, P 
Grimes, E. Aretakis, S. Hurst. M. A, Allen, M. McCullough. E. Mims, G. 
Ogden, C. Swain, L. Webster, P. Davis, J. Shuping, L. Heffner C 
Drake, P. Johnson, L. Walker, S. Melvin, J. Wickham, B. Horton. C 
Peed, F. Garriss, M. Pershall, L. McQuilkm, C. Hurst, J. Rockefeller, F. 
Breeden, B. Eure, A. Dill, C. Fowlkes, K. Flannagan, B. Harris, P. Key 
H. Craven, A. Garwood, G. Stansbury, S. McKenzie, N. W. Foreman, M. 
Burn, L. Bryan, C. Finch, T. Ham, J. McClean, N. Fleming, G. Swann 
J. Schwartz, S. Hutaff. M. Gray, S. Wright. S. Mann, J. Leonard, N. 
Earnhardt, K. Sabiston, B. Golding, M. Morrison, C. Scott, M. Berry P 
Edwards, L. Stokes, E. Thomas, M. M. Smith, B. VanDoren S Gill J 
R. Davis, P. Williams. 

F. Breeden, N. Cole, S. Fullerton, L. Jennings, J. Wickham, N. Bowen. 


In the world of today, no nation is "sufficient unto 
itself". The task of the United Nations is to foster a 
greater understanding among the nations of the world; 
the task of the Collegiate Council of the United Nations 
is to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of 
the U.N. Each year delegates attend regional Model 
General Assemblies in which they gain first-hand 
experience concerning the operative mechanics of the 

U.N. As "citizens" of their respective countries they 
debate and vote on measures that come before them 
with such conviction. The fact that the meeting is not 
held in New York is easily forgotten. Perhaps one of the 
greatest compliments to the C.C.U.N. was paid last year 
when a delegate remarked "Now I understand both 
sides of this question. You know, the U.N. is doing a 
wonderful job." 


cold cuts 

Chosen on originality of instrument, musical talent, and over-all en- 
thusiasm, girls belonging to the Cold Cuts may be seen performing at 
civic functions, charity benefits, and fraternal organizations, as well 
as at St. Mary's. Attired in "clod pants", they sing a variety of songs 
and play such instruments as washboard and tub. Through their 
entertainment and appeal, this group helps to cultivate school spirit 
among themselves and other members of the student body. 

Evan Aretakis, Pres., Lucille McKee, Gilmer Edmunds, Jean Healy, Caroline Huggins, 
Lynn White, Betty Davenport, Susan Hannah, Sarah Lambeth, Sally Ragsdale, George 
Christoph, Linda Stott, Laura Whitley 


Carolyn Bertie, Betsy Bittle, Jill Bumgarner, Alberta 
Doby, Orlean Drennen. Claire Duff, Lucy Dunn, Libby 
Keller, Jane Marzoni, Betsy McAlister. Dottie Nahikian. 

Jane Snider, Susan Carrison, Sarah Chamblee, Margaret 
Lamdin, Kathy Manly, Martha Morgon, Layton Holmes, 
Mathilde Duffy, 

C. Bertie, B. Bittle, B. Blackmer. N. Bowen, M. Brennen, S. 
Bachanan, A. Bullard, J. Bumgarner, M. Burhoe, S. Carrison, S. 
Chamblee, A. Dickerson, A. Doby, 0. Drennan, C. Duff, M. Duffy, 
L Dunn, M, Gray, A. Kaasa, L Keller, D. Kneisel, M. Lamdin, 

glee club and ensemble 

The Vocal Ensemble is a select group taken from the 
Glee Club. Because of the excellence and polish of the 
Ensemble, they are constantly being asked to sing for 
various functions in Raleigh. Miss Cate is also in charge 
of this group. 

Girls who not only love to sing, but also are interested 
in learning about music in general compose the St. 

L. Lysey, A. London, C. Lucas, D. Manley, L. Mann, J. Marzoni, B. 
McAlister, D. Nahikan, G. Ogden, D. Roberts, S. Sapp, J. Snider, 
E. Thomas, M, Vaughan, P. White, R. Willets, M. McCullough 

Mary's Glee Club. Under the competent direction of 
Miss Geraldine Cate, they present several quite 
entertaining programs. Included in these are the tradi- 
tional Christmas and Commencement programs. The 
Glee Club combines with other choruses also to provide 
programs of mixed-voiced music. 


Under the direction of Miss McCoy, the choir contributes music for the 
weekly chapel and Sunday services. Through their music, they deepen 
the atmosphere of worship in our chapel. As the chapel is an initial 
part of St. Mary's, these girls add much to the spiritual life of our 

The crucifer plays an integral part in the Sunday services in the 
Chapel at St. Mary's. At the end of each year, the crucifers are 
selected for the following year. The crucifers are: Margaret Stevens, 
head crucifer M. Stirling; M. Richardson; S. Hutaff 

choir and crucifers 

Alderman, Sabra 
Berte, Carolyn 
Bittle, Betsy 
Brothers, Gray 
Bullard, Ann 
Carrison, Susan 
Cochran, Joan 
Craven, Hannah 
Dixon, Lu 
Duffy, Mathilde 
England, Merrie 
Flannagan, Kathy 
Foreman, Nancy 
Fulghum, Lynn 

Herbert, Georgia 
Hutaff, Susan 
Kaasa, Julie 
Key, Patty 
Kreiser, Dianna 
McAlister, Betsy 
McLean, Janet 
Mann, Lesley 
Nash, Arabella 
Sirimonkal, Tarn 
Snider, Jane 
Stevens, Margaret 
Stout, Ava 
Swann, Gale 


altar guild and acolytes 

The acolytes of St. Mary's are girls who wish to devote 
some of their time to the care of their chapel. The 
acolytes assist the chaplain at all chapel services during 
the school year. They light the candles on the altar, 
assist in Communion services, and help the marshals 
with the offering each Sunday. By doing these small 
services for the church, the acolytes feel as though they 
are more of a part of the chapel services. 

L Friar, head; L Carter, C. Davis, K. Flannagan, L. Friar, S. Gill, N. 
Glass, W. Martin, M. Stirling, A. Warren. L. Carter, S. Crockett, K. 
Millns, A. Nash. C. Peed, A. Pollard, K. Richardson, T. Siramonkol, A. 
Smith, C. Tayloe, C. Taylor 

As the chapel is the center of life at St. Mary's, 
members of the Altar Guild strive to maintain its beauty. 
Students themselves prepare for daily services and 
Communion. Different committees under their 
chairmen maintain the silver, brass, linens, altar hang- 
ings, books, and flowers. Altar Guild members find it 
rewarding to contribute to such a meaningful part of St. 
Mary's life. 

J. Hicks, pres; S. Gill, v. chairman, M. Stirling, L. Jennings. H. Day, N. 
Vernon, W. McGowan, J. Biggers, L. Exum, B. Green, S. Hutatf, S. 
Johnson, W. Morris, M. C. Whittle, B. Crawford, C. Davis, N. Glass. S. 
James, S. Melvin, S. Wallace, M. Berry, J. Cochran, C. Finch, C. Hurst, 
S. Lambeth, B. Little, P. Henderson, K. Flannagan, M. Gilliam, J. Leo- 
nard, C. Robinson, G. Swann. M. Dickey, K. Gartland, M. M. Hancock, 
L. McKee, V. McSwain 

sigma mu 

Sigma and Mu, the two intramural 
athletic teams at St. Mary's, bind the 
girls together and create a true 
school spirit. Each student belongs to 
one of the two teams. Excitement 
and suspense builds up during the 
year as the teams compete in such 
sports as speedball, basketball, 
swimming, tennis, and bridge. The 
teams also have their cheerleaders 
which add enthusiasm to the games. 
The climax of the year is the Letter 
Club banquet. At this time, a tradi- 
tional cup is awarded to the team 
who has gained the most points. 


Sigma: President— Betty Kellog, Vice President— Nancy Wood Foreman 

Mu: President— Cissy Fitzpatrick, Vice-President— Betty Davenport 





the letter club 

The letter club is an honorary society which recognize 
girls for their excellence in sports, dance, riding, and 
swimming. To be eligible for membership, a girl must 
have accumulated a certain number of points in these 

At the beginning of the school year, the Letter Club 
sponsors the Sigma-Mu rally, at which time the new 
girls become members of one of the teams. The club 
also encourages competition between the teams by pre- 
senting a plaque to the team which has accumulated 
the most points at the end of the year. 

President: Biddy Ager 

Martha Crawley. Connie Johnson. Caroline Muggins, Betsy McAlister, Martha Vaughn, Betty Davenport, 
port, Cissy Fitzpatrick, Biddy Ager, Nancy Foreman, Betty Kellog 


sea saints 

Sea Saints is St. Mary's aquatic group for advanced 
swimmers under the direction of Mrs. Jill L. Barr. At the 
beginning of the school year, the returning members 
and their director select the new members by a series of 
tryouts. The girls must demonstrate their skills in 
stunts, quality of strokes, and synchronized swimming. 
On February 21 and 22 the Sea Saints presented their 
annual program which was viewed by the faculty, stu- 
dents, and general public. The theme for this year's 
show was "We've Got Rythm." 

Ginny Gray— President 
Claire Duff— Secretary-Treasurer 

Ann Brady 
Judy Crump 
Cheryl Lee 
Kathy Manly 
Marianne Morrison 

Becky Robinson 
Harriette Seifart 
Chris Sylvan 
Beth Thompson 
Cathy Walp 



Caperettes is St. Mary's tap dancing group. This year's 
group was made up of fifteen members, who were se- 
lected for their interest and ability in tap dancing. Dur- 
ing the Fall, the Caperettes presenting an assembly pro- 
gram, and they also performed in May Day. Caperettes, 
which was organized in 1961, is under the direction of 
Mrs. Doris Bailey, members: Jane Shuping, Debbie New- 
some, Sallie Ragsdale, Vice President; Duffy Beaseley, 
Betsy Corwin, Elaine Parker, Lucy Turner, Clarine Pol- 
lock, President; Judy Biggers, Bagley Waddill, Hjordis 
Christoph, Lee Hggerty, Loula Bett Pittman, Leighton 
Holmes, Anne Blackburn. 



Orchesis is St. Mary's advanced dance group. This orga- 
nization under the direction of Mrs. Doris Bailey, is re- 
sponsible for the production of May Day, a Christmas 
Program, and various assembly programs. New mem- 
bers are selected by their outstanding ability in classical 
and modern dance. This year's theme for May Day is 
based on William Shakespeare's play, "A Mid Summer 
Night's Dream". 

Jean Healey— President 
Linda Stott— Sec. -Treasurer 

K. Frazer 
L. Beville 
L. Miller 
A. Holbrook 
S. Siedenberg 
S. Wright 

L. Marshall 
A. Edenger 
N. Matthews 
0. Watkins 
D. Uyanik 
S. Alderman 

M. Garrett 
M. Dickey 
J. Sausey 
L. Holloway 
L. McKindric 


the circle 

The most respected organization at St. Mary's, the Or- 
der of the Circle endeavors to distinguish outstanding 
students in the college department. Members include 
those girls who strive to use their influence to inact 
school spirit and good relations between students and 
faculty. Established in 1938, the Circle is a secret soci- 
ety, holding its ceremonies and meetings in absolute se- 
crecy. Traditions connected with the Circle include the 
midnight walk around campus and the blue ring worn 
under the St. Mary's ring. 

As the Circle is Symbolic of unity, it is the duty of each 
member, through her character, individuality, depend- 
ability, and fellowship to bring together every branch of 
life at St. Mary's. 

C. Arbuckle, President 
L. McKee, Secretary 
M. Kelly, Treasurer 

M. Stevens 
A. Holbrook 
M. Leary 
G. Swann 
L. Beville 

A. Harney 
J. Patrick 

B. Little 

L. Marshall 
S. Watkins 


the beacon 

The Beacon, founded in 1948, is an organization for 
high school students based upon honor. This honor is 
recognized in girls who put modesty before pride, duty 
before pleasure, and others before themselves. The 
Beacon strives to promote that spirit which is a sincere 
love for St. Mary's and a devotion to its principles. 

Each year the Beacon organizes several projects to buy 
a gift for St. Mary's. Certain traditions are also ob- 
served: the lantern, the walk, the Beacon pin, the Christ- 
mas party, and the blue and white jackets. Harder to 
define and much less conspicuous are the little but 
thoughtful gestures the Beacon practices. They are 
most precious to the Beacon, for in them is expressed 
the spirit the Beacon Symbolizes. 

S. Carrison— President 
B. McAllister— Sec. -Treasurer 

J. Snider 
B. Bittle 
N. Foreman 

S. Alderman 
K. Manly 

M. Highsmith 
M. Brennan 


may day 

May Day this year took the theme of Shakespeare's "A 
Mid Summer Night's Dream". The procedure was a 
little different this year with a performance Friday night 
and another one Saturday afternoon. All choreography 
was done by members of Orchesis and Caperettes. A 
beautiful program was given for all St. Mary's students, 
faculty, parents and friends. The May Day events were 
climaxed with the presentation of the May Court and the 
May Queen. 



may court 

Martha Miller Vaughan 

Hayden Kirk Legg 

Claire Bagley Waddill 

may court 

Margaret Toccoa Gray 

Jane Celeste Patrick 

Lavinia Lander Marshall 

may court 

Debra Rar Grove 

Martha Marbury McCullough 

Hula Katherine Leach 

may court 

Nancy Hutton Kent 

Margaret Elaine Isley 

Dolly Lee Smith 

maid of honor 


may queen 







|f ^ ^yt^cr^v^j^i 

Lucile McKee President 


Ann Copenhaver Treasurer 

Gilmer Edmunds Secretary 

Kinsey Sabiston Vice President 


Elizabeth Smith 

Harriet Day 

Laura North 

Karen Ulberg 

J, * 

Mary Sue Lawrence 

Virginia McSwain 


\ :jM. til Ah 

Nell Fleming 

Betty Simmons 

Christy Block 



Nancy Maynard 

Sue Miller 

Martha Crawley 

Margaret Stevens 
Jane Shuping 

Sallie Ragsdale 
Nancy Hood 

Carol Franklin 

Dale Lambdm 


Noell Johnson 

B. J. Clarson 


Sarah Melvin 

Ginny Gray 

Sarah Lambeth 



■* i<s 








Gale Swann 

Joan Wickham 

Cissy Fitzpatnck 

Ruth Willets 


Lisa Exum 

Louise Jennings 


Martha Morgan 

Nancy Smith 

Dinah Dunston 


Barbara Conrad 

Lynn White 

Claudia Davis 



Bpif - VJ 

^ * E3 


^^^^^B pr 

Ml - * F\ 

A Bk ^l:^^' . 

Geanie Morgan 

Ann Warren 

Anne Northmgton 


Elaine Parker 

Janet Hicks 

Connne Arbuckle 

Claire Robinson 


Helen Jenrette 

Jennie Thompson 

Francy Breeden 


Chyrell Botts 

Sally James 


Missanne Flynn 

Margaret Kelly 

Jocelyn Strange 

Poogie Austin 


Martha Garrett 

Margaret Gilliam 

Weejie Martin 


Lee Friar 

Nancy Vernon 

Cathy McLanahan 


Lynne McQuilkin 

Sandra Wallace 


Caroline Huggins 

Elizabeth Downey 

Sherry Gil 

Becky Eure 


Kathy Frazer 

Linda Beville 

Lander Marshall 


Betty Grant 

Cheryl Brittain 

Kathy Flannagan 

Sally Hurst 


Choo-Choo Weaver 

Biddy Ager 

Julia Livingston 


Judy Crump 

Laura Whitley 

Jane Patrick 


Betty Golding 

Harriet Upton 

Anne Harney 


George Christoph 

Harriet Hodges 

Mary Ella Mills 


Libby Keller 

Molly Leary 

Livy Miller 


Anna Holbrook 

Susan Marshall 

Gretchen Godwin 


■ ,&& if*m 

\'--} ■■. f--': .':":"''■<■ :J ] : " : ! : .': \S^'.- ''"■ ! i ^fs- ''* 



Libba Carter 

Lillabet Freeman 

Carol Drake 

Margaret Isley 


Carra Yancy 

Betsy Little 

Judy Rockerfeller 

Winkie McGowan 


Susan Hannah 

Marty Mebane 

Mary Mac Hancock 

Merrie England 

Martha McCullough 


Katherine Jordan 

Di Anna Cowan 

Margaret Burgwyn 

Sandra Fullerton 


Linda Stott 

Sue Owens 

Ann Dill 


Michele Millichap 

Barbara Wall 

Dottle Nahikian 


Mary Sterling 

Lee Avery 

Henrietta Freeman 


Jean Healey 

Meredith Maynard 

Evan Aretakis 

Stacy Watkins 


Lucy Turner 

Betty Davenport 

Katie Gartland 


Sa I lie Hammond 

' . 


Ann Garwood 

Becky King 



Chris Hurst 

Clarme Pollock 

"*m 1 

Nelson Glass 

Donna Jacks 

Rita Daniels 


Sue Gelston 

Betsy Crawford 

Collie Crum 


Linda Stott 

Sally Hurst 

Gale Swann 

Molly Leary 


The word "outstanding" refers to many qualities found 
in an individual— leadership, spirit, and the striving for 
commendable goals. The outstanding Seniors exemplify 
these qualities and more. 

In their two short years at St. Mary's, they have main- 
tained a responsible attitude and work not only for per- 
sonal satisfaction but also for the benefit of the school 
as a whole. The student body has recognized the valuable 


Anna Holbrook 

Margaret Stevens 

Linda Beville 

Lucile McKee 


attributes and capabilities of these girls by electing them 
"Outstanding" Seniors. 



Arabella Nash, President 
Lynn Fulgrum, Vice President 

Martha Vaughan, Secretary 
Lu Dixon, Treasurer 


Mary Lynn Abercrombie, 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Mary Manning Ackerly, 

Richmond, Va. 
Sarah Hamlyn Aichele, 

Charleston, S.C. 
Mary Ann Allen 

Casanova, Va. 

Deborah Knight Almquist, 

Alexandria, Va. 
Jennie Brown Andrews, 

Elizabeth City, N.C. 
Laura Peyton Armstrong, 

Raleigh, N.C. 
Kathy Deane Baley 

Asheville, N.C. 

Martha Katherine Barnes 

Wilson, N.C. 
Emma Duffy Beasley 

New Bern, N.C. 
Bobbie Rozanne Bell 

New Bern, N.C. 
Rebecca Joy Bell 

Tampa, Fla. 

Carolyn Churchill Bertie 

Winston-Salem, N.C. 
Anne Silks Blackburn 

Henderson, N.C. 
Susan Bennett Blackley 

Staunton, Va. 
Mildred Carolyn Blaine 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Barbara Elaine Blue 

Charlotte, N.C. 
Nancy Moore Bowen 

Charlotte, N.C. 
Sarah Irvin Boyle 

Charlotte, N.C. 
Rebecca Huggins Breeden 

Bennettsville. S.C. 

Helen Haywood Bndgers 
Asheboro, N.C. 


Jane Mcintosh Bntt 

Savannah, Ga. 
Susan Grayson Brothers 

Morganton, N.C 
Barbara Ann Brown 

Raleigh, N.C. 
Ann Marshall Bullard 

High Point, N.C. 

Jill Sue Bumgarner 

Stanley. N.C. 
Jane Ward Causey 

Greensboro, N.C 
Christina Way Clark 

West Columbia, S.C. 
Nancy Claire Cole 

Pompton Plains, N.J. 

Sherry Jewel Cole 

Tampa, Fla. 
Harriet Ann Collins 

Norfolk, Va. 
Cynthia Lee Cook 

Torrence, Calif. 
Leslie Marie Cornman 

Lexington, N.C. 

Elizabeth Patton Corwin 

Montgomery. Ala. 
Josephine Crawford 

Atlanta. Ga. 
Suzanne Ruth Crockett 

High Point, N.C. 
Christine Clarke Crowley 

Asheboro, N.C. 

Elizabeth Owens Daniel 

Wilson. N.C. 
Martha Mcintosh Dargan 

Darlington, S.C. 
Susan Taylor Davis 

High Point. N.C. 
Meredith de la Vergne 

Salt Point, N.Y. 

Mananna Winston Dickey 
Greensboro, N.C. 



Vivian Lu Dixon 

Farmville, N.C. 
Alberta Ann Doby 

Albemarle, N.C. 
Orlean Tresslar Drennen 

Birmingham, Ala. 
Claire Scott Duff 

Raleigh, N.C. 

Jennie Lee Duke 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Judy Kathryn Dunn 

Benson, N.C. 
Lucy Durr Dunn 

Birmingham, Ala. 
Nancy Holden Earnhardt 

Kingsport, Tenn. 

Lee Eastwood 

Raleigh, N.C. 
Julia Drake Edwards 

Raleigh, N.C. 
Ashley Wills Ettinger 

Rocky Mount. N.C. 
Elaine Fellos 

Charlotte, N.C. 

Elizabeth Shealy Ferguson 

West Point, Ga. 
Eleanor Frances Fisher 

Salisbury, N.C. 
Mary Kathleen Flanigen 

Moncks Corner, S.C. 
Frances Norfleet Garriss 

Lewiston, N.C. 

Elizabeth Constance Gawen 

Tappahannock, Va. 
Nancy Brimage Gillam 

Windsor, N.C. 
Jessica Lynn Gillespie 

Charlotte, N.C. 
Martha Ann Given 

High Point, N.C. 

Sandra Hobby Glenn 
Winston-Salem. N.C. 


Caroline Holton Green 

Raleigh, N.C. 
Virginia Louise Gregg 

Bennettsville, S.C. 
Patricia Ellen Grimes 

Raleigh, N.C. 
Debra Rae Grove 

Wilmington, N.C. 

Virginia Lee Haggerty 

Rocky Mount, N.C. 
Stephanie Donovan Haines 

Fayetteville, N.C. 
Hortense Haughton Ham 

Greensboro, N.C. 
Beverly Cary Hancock 

Richmond, Va. 

Mary Angela Harmon 

Statesville, N.C. 
Mary Holden Harrell 

Snow Hill, N.C. 
Beth Harris 

Hertford, N.C. 
Carla Anne Heaton 

Asheville, N.C. 

Laurie Grace Heffner 

Raleigh, N.C. 
Georgia Lynn Henry 

Eufaula, Ala. 
Elizabeth Thomas Hobgood 

Smithfield, N.C. 
Ann Isabel Hofler 

Windsor, N.C. 

Helen Page Holbrook 

Seattle, Wash. 
Leighton Morris Holmes 

Jacksonville, Fla. 
Sandra Faye Holsonback 

Raleigh, N.C. 
Jeannette Walker Holt 

Charlotte, N.C. 

Joan Ruffin Home 
Fayetteville, N.C. 


Betsy Reid Horton 

Raleigh, N.C. 
Jean Arthur Hudson 

Salisbury, N.C. 
Pauline McNeny Johnson 

Henderson, N.C. 
Barbara Wilson Jones 

Raleigh, N.C. 

Cheryl Ann Jones 

Summerville, S.C. 
Elizabeth Henry Kellogg 

Manteo, N.C. 
Lenora Payne Kendnck 

Lenoir, N.C. 
Nancy Hutton Kent 

Greensboro, N.C. 

Margaret Elaine Lambdin 

Franklin, Va. 
Martha Kaye Lasater 

Erwin, N.C. 
Hula Katherine Leach 

Wilson, N.C. 
Cheryl Jean Lee 

Greenville, N.C. 

Hayden Kirk Legg 
Henderson, N.C. 

Janice Martin Leonard 
Charlotte, N.C. 

Julia Davis Leonard 
Lexington, N.C. 

Susan Ann Leonard 
Greensboro, N.C: 

Susan Lorena Lifsey 

Richmond, Va. 
Martha Josephine Lott 

Columbia, S.C. 
Carole Jane Lucas 

Raleigh, N.C. 
Katherine Cathcart McCaskill 

Columbia, S.C. 

Jane Morgan McClain 
Charlotte, N.C. 


Susan Caroline McKenzie 

Winston Salem, N.C. 
Janet Grey McLean 

Greensboro, N.C. 
Carol Virginia Malcolm 

Norwalk, Conn. 
Sallie Carrow Mann 

Washington, N.C. 

Jane Marzoni 

Birmingham, Ala. 
Mary Elizabeth Mason 

Augusta, Ga. 
Nancy Candler Matthews 

Smyrna, Ga. 
Barbara Garvin May 

Burlington, N.C. 

Cecelia Collins May 

New Bern, N.C. 
Helen Angela Meyer 

Chapel Hill, N.C. 
Kathryne Ann Millns 

New Bern, N.C. 
Emily Vaughan Mims 

Raleigh, N.C. 

Jean Landon Moorhead 

Spartanburg, iC. 
Emily Morgan 

Raleigh, N.C. 
Arabella Nash 

Tarboro, N.C. 
Deborah Dee Newsome 

Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Gail Venega Ogden 

Raleigh, N.C. 
Ramsey Crebbin Owens 

Tunica, Miss. 
Marilyn Cristine Peed 

Adelphi, Md. 
Margaret Harrison Peoples 

Omaha, Neb. 

Winifred Anne Perkerson 
Greensboro, N.C. 


Susan Parker Perry 

Raleigh, N.C. 
Mary Ann Pershall 

Ft. McPherson, Ga. 
Anne Winston Pinder 

Virginia Beach, Va. 
Ann Mornsette Pollard 

Fayetteville, N.C. 

Peggy Sims Pomeroy 

Asheville, N.C. 
Beverly Langhorne Randolph 

Richmond, Virginia 
Keith Cameron Richardson 

Greensboro, N.C. 
Molly Prince Richardson 

Perry, Ga. 

Edith Stanton Roberts 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Elisabeth Alexander Robinson 

Charlotte, N.C. 
Rebecca Reid Robinson 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Elizabeth Carrow Rodman 

Washington, N.C. 

Elaine Russos 

Raleigh, N.C. 
Jeanne Radcliffe Saussy 

Savannah, Ga. 
Ruth Amelia Schenk 

Greensboro, N.C. 
Frances Gayle Sellers 

Anniston, Alabama 

Al lie Johnson Sheffield 

Warsaw, N.C. 
Cathie June Shoaf 

Lexington, N.C. 
S. Tarn Sirimonkol 

Bangkok, Thailand 
Patricia Anne Slater 

New Bern, N.C. 

Susan Jan Slover 
Tampa, Fla. 


Alice Jeannette Smith 

Columbia, S C. 
Juliet Cox Smith 

Kmston, N.C. 
Kathleen Ruth Smith 

Lynchburg, Va. 
Lucille Jackson Smith 

Charlottesville, Va. 

Mary Ellen Smith 

Thomasville, Ga. 
Diane Petty Stockard 

Raleigh, N.C. 
Elizabeth Helen Stokes 

Charlotte. N.C. 
Virginia Lee Stubbs 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Sheila Kathryn Summers 

Hickory, N.C. 
Mary Beth Summersill 

Jacksonville, N.C. 
Julia Catherine Swain 

Burlington, N.C. 
Christina Coleman Sylvan 

Columbia, S.C. 

Courtenay Norton Tayloe 

Warsaw. Va. 
Catherine Maynard Taylor 

Lynchburg, Va. 
Trudie Louise Taylor 

Everetts, N.C. 
Edith Elizabeth Thomas 

Charlotte, N.C. 

Rose Ann Thompson 

Tarboro, N.C. 
Mary Page Thurmond 

Lynchburg, Va. 
Suzanne Brooks Tindal 

Lancaster, S.C. 
Frances Makemie Toole 

Tampa, Fla. 


Francis Dill Tupper 

Columbia, S.C. 
Susannah Tyler 

Warrenton, Va. 
Margaret Ward Urquhart 

Lewiston, N.C. 
Derin Anne Uyanik 

Raleigh, N.C. 

Elizabeth Hoke Van Doren 

Columbia. S.C. 
Martha Arrington Vaughan 

Nashville. N.C. 
Martha Miller Vaughan 

Edenton N.C. 
Clare Bagley Waddill 

Henderson, N.C. 

Elizabeth Spence Walker 

Raleigh, N.C. 
Marilyn Gray Wall 

Lexington, N.C. 
Cathy Elizabeth Walp 

Annandale, Va. 
Laura Ruth Walter 

Birmingham, Ala. 

Jean Cherry Warren 

Tarboro. N.C. 
Adele Hutchinson Watkins 

Farmville, Va. 
Anne Galloway Watt 

Reidsville. N.C. 
Sherry Lynn Wheelock 

Falls Church, Va. 

Anne Cheshire Wideman 

Washington, DC. 
Christine Eileen Williams 

Raleigh. N.C. 
Patricia LaBruce Williams 

Columbia, S.C. 
Laura Ann Wittmer 

Raleigh, N.C. 

Lenora Lynn Fulghum 
Pensacola, Fla. 



Margaret Highsmith. President; Besty Bittle, Vice President; Jo Betts Barrett, Secretary; Hannah 
Craven, Treasurer 


Sabra Jean Alderman 
Grantsboro, North Carolina 

Linda Ruth Allen 

Raleigh, North Carolina 

Susan Caroline Allers 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Jo Betts Barrett 

Greenville, North Carolina 

Elizabeth Babson Bittle 
Durham, North Carolina 

Ellen Norwood Braddy 
Aiken, South, Carolina 

Mary Thain Brennan 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Elizabeth Scott Bryan 
Kinaton, North Carolina 

Mary Wendell Burhoe 
Burnsville, North Carolina 

Margaret Parker Burns 
Jacksville, Florida 

Jane Mane Byrd 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Ruth Winslow Cannon 
Concord. North Carolina 

Susan Singleton Carrison 
Rembert, South Carolina 

Pauline Holt Cozart 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Jean Hannah Craven 
Lexington, North Carolina 

Sarah Ann Cruikshank 
Chatham, New Jersey 

Jane Ross Davis 
Clarsville, Virginia 


Karen Tildent Davis 
Southern Pines, North Carolina 

Ann Gillam Dickerson 
Monroe, North Carolina 

Mary Mathilde Duffy 

New Bern, North Carolina 

Nancy Wood Foreman 

Elizabeth City, North Carolina 

Joan Mansfield Friedberg 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Frances Hammond P. Gordon 
Durham, North Carolina 

Margaret Toccoa Gray 
Whiteville, North Carolina 

Martha Jane Hall 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Georgia Hull Herbert 
Columbia, South Carolina 

Stephany Myatt Higgins 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Margaret Dawson Highsmith 
Fayetteville, North Carolina 

Carla Mane Hudson 
Florence, South Carolina 

Susan Ashe Hutaff 

Fayetteville, North Carolina 

Cornelia Utley Johnson 

Fugway Springs, North Carolina 

Susan Hollinsworth Johnson 
Greensboro, North Carolina 

Sylvia Marina Johnson 
Durham, North Carolina 

Kathenne Montford Kramer 
Raleigh, North Carolina 


Elizabeth Simpson McAhster 
Fries, Virginia 

Mary Kathenne Manly 
Raleigh. North Carolina 

Lesley Lavinder Mann 
Durham, North Carolina 

Jane Stuart Maupm 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Winitred Grainger Morris 
Fayetteville, North Carolina 

Margaret Maxwell Morrison 
Concord, North Carolina 

Marianne Morrison 
Coral Gables, Florida 

Virginia Hutcheson Osborne 
Smithfield, North Carolina 

Monte Nicholson Parson 
Darlington, South Carolina 

Lucile Joslin Schwartz 
Sanford. North Carolina 

Cary Glyn Scott 

Fair Bluff, North Carolina 

Susan Manorie Sidenberg 
Wake Forest, North Carolina 

Jane Telfair Snider 
Greensboro, North Carolina 

Bonnie Melton Stafford 
Garland, North Carolina 

Virginia Ann Stansbury 
Knoxville, Tennessee 

Janice Fitzgerald Wellons 
Smithfield, North Carolina 

Sherwood Wright 
Williamburg, Virginia 



Susan Byars, President Sally Harris, Vice President Patti Key, Secretary Deanna Kreiser, Treasurer 


Peggy Lynn Allen 
Apex, North Carolina 

Kathenne Hart Anderson 
Athens, Georgia 

Melinda Lee Bell 
New Bern, North Carolina 

Margaret Stone Berry 
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 

Julia Catherine Biggers 
Charlotte, North Carolina 

Connie Bratton 

Raleigh, North Carolina 

Sarah Kenan Buchanan 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Susan Whitehead Byars 
Dunedin, Florida 

Sherwood Odum Byrd 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Sarah Vaughan Chamblee 
Waverly, Virginia 

Jane Efland Chesire 
Efland, North Carolina 

Catherine Craft Cline 
Raleigh, Carolina 

Jeanna Brown Cross 

High Point, North Carolina 

Edith Henry Cutler 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Judith Elizabeth Denning 
Benson, North Carolina 


Barbara Hope Dobson 
Gaffney. North Carolina 

Alice Lynn Dunston 
Elizabeth City, North Carolina 

Margaret Priscilla Edwards 
Rutherfordton, North Carolina 

Catherine Alexius Emerson 
Wilmington, North Carolina 

Margaret Gnmsley Froneberger 
Lincolnton, North Carolina 

Elizabeth Anne Green 

Louisburg, North Carolina 

Catherine Torrey Green 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Drucilla Gatewood Haley 
South Boston, Virginia 

Sarah Fuller Harris 

Raleigh, North Carolina 

Nancy Grimes Haywood 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Laura Lee Holloway 
Simcoe. Ontario, Canada 

Sarah Elizabeth Hunt 
High Point, North Carolina 

Julia Ann Kaasa 

Raleigh, North Carolina 

Ann Davidson Keller 
Smithfield, North Carolina 

Patti Page Key 
South Point, North Carolina 

Deanna Louise H. Kreiser 
Whitestone, Virginia 

Sarah Lennon 

Lumberton, North Carolina 


Ann Mauger London 

Pittsboro. North Carolina 

Dorthy Turner Manly 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Sylvia Green Newell 

Willmington, North Carolina 

Loula Bett Pittman 
Whiteville, North Carolina 

Betty Urquhart Ragland 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Nancy Ann Richardson 
Perry, Georgia 

Elizabeth Mims Roberts 
Athens, Georgia 

Joan Ellen Sandlin 

Lumberton, North Carolina 

Tharon Young Sapp 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Harnette Whitner Seifart 
Charlotte, North Carolina 

Mattie Ashburn Simmons 
Tarboro, North Carolina 

Dolly Lee Smith 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Elizabeth Lupton Thomson 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Sally Carroll Tomlinson 
Charlotte, North Carolina 

Leila McKimmon Webster 
Conover, North Carolina 

Delia Ellington Wellons 
Smithfield, North Carolina 

Patricia Ann White 

Raleigh, North Carolina 




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Host to visitors to the Capitol 


$tt\ Jewelers and Silversmiths Since 1881 
Downtown and North Hills 

For Glasses . . . See 


Room 228 Bryan Building 

Cameron Village 

Phone 832-6617 


"We Grotc the Flowers We Sell" 

PHONE TE 2-8347 

Compliments from 


Cameron Village 









Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 

Am loot sMfi/r mm/i . . . 




In Raleigh's Cameron Village 

Where Shopping and Parking's a Pleasure 

Gold Medallion 

Consider the advantages of a Gold Medal- 
lion Home. 

Clean, flameless electricity keeps you warm 
and cooks your meals, heats the water and 
gives you light for living; and works in so 
many other ways to make housekeeping 
chores easier and living better. 

P.S CP&L'S rate for all-electric homes has 
been reduced four times in the last six 
vears. Electric living is cheaper than ever. 
It's heKer too 


An investor -ouned, taxpaying, public utility company 

N.C. Products Corp. 

concrete pipe 

concrete block 

prestressed concrete 

Home Office: Raleigh 





New Bern 


JSynum Printing, Company, 

J\aleigh, Jvorth Carolina 


Stephenson Music Co. 
Village Book & Stationery 
Leon Byrum Opticians 
Village Opticians 
Pine State Milk— Ice Cream 
Meridian Travel Service 


Cameron Park Grocery 

Compliments of a friend 
Dancer's shop 
Johnson's Jewelers 
Jenkins' Roofing Co. 





Raleigh — Durham — Rocky Mount 

Goldsboro — Charlotte 

rroonifillD C ^ 

ureenvine, o.u. 

Makers of Fine 


for Annuals 
124' 2 South Salisbury Street 



Raleigh, N.C. 


PHONE TE3-3512 

Serving Colleges and Schools Since 1905 



^#1 '' ■?£> 

Class of 1967 


mm ..... 9) •' ' • m • ^,i 









■,a^^H hoi BRysSf 


2838 Wake Forest Road 
Raleigh, N. C. 

P.O. Box 17024 

Phone 834-7361 

Highway 1-A North, Raleigh, N.C. 

Home Office: Goldsboro, N.C. 

Phone 828-0391 


senior class of 1967 

Loyer Lawton Ager Birmingham, Alabama 

Y.R.C. '65-'67; Y.W.C.A. '65-'66; Acolyte '65-'66; Dramatics Club '65- 

'66; Letter Club '65-'67; Altar Guild '66-'67; Letter Club President '66- 

'67; Hall Council '66'67; Mu. 
Corinne Harper Arbuckle Charlotte, North Carolina 

Hall Representive '65'66; Granddaughter Club '65'67; Nominating 

Committee '66; Y.W.C.A. '65-'66; May Day '66; Circle '66'67; 

President '67; Hall Council '66'67; Y.D.C. '66-'67; Sigma. 
Evanthia Vurnakes Aretakis Raleigh, North Carolina 

Coldcuts 66-67; Sigma 

Jane Efird Austin Albemarle, North Carolina 

Y.W.C.A. 65-67; Sigma 
Eunice Lee Avery Atlanta, Georgia 

Y.W.C.A. '65-67; Y.R.C. '65-'67; May Court '66; Mu Cheerleader '65-67; 

May day '67; Stagecoach Staff '66'67; Dramatics Club '65'67; Mu. 
Linda Lewis Beville Mobile, Alabama 

Altar Guild '65'66; Y.W.C.A. '65-'66; Y.R.C. '65-'66; Dramatics Club 

'65-'66; Chairman Hall Council '66-'67; Legislative Body '66*'67; Or- 

chesis '66'67; Circle '66'67; May Day '65'67; Outstanding Senior; 


Christina Jo Block Raleigh, North Carolina 

Belles Staff '65-'67; Y.W.C.A. '65-'67; Y.D.C. '65'66; May Day '66-'67; 

Chyrell Botts Fort Worth, Texas 

Y.R.C. '65'66; Dramatics Club '65;'66; Gall Council '66-'67; Belles 

Staff '66'67; Honor Board Representative '66'67; Sigma. 
Frances Eoff Breeden Raleigh, North Carolina 

C.C.U.N. '65'67; Y.W.C.A. '65;'67; Y.R.C. '65-'67; Altar Guild '65-'67; 

Cheryl Ganson Bnttain Charlotte, N.C. 

May Day 66, Sigma Cheerleader 65-67; Sigma 
Margaret Elizabeth Burgwyn Woodland, North Carolina 

Dramatics Club '63- '67; Y.D.C. '63'67; Vice-President of Y.D.C. '66- 

'67; Sophomore superlative '65; Belles staff '66-'67; Muse staff '66- 

'67; Stagecoach Staff '66'67; Vice-President Junior Class '65'66; Hall 

Council '66-'67; Altar Guild '63-'65; May Day '64, '66-'67; Sigma-Mu 

'65-66; Mu. 
Elizabeth Foute Carter Washington, North Carolina 

May Day '66'67; Y.D.C. '65'67; Y.W.C.A. '65-'67; Altar Guild '65'66; 

Acolyte '66;'67; Granddaughter's Club '65'67; Dramatics Club '65- 

'67; Belles Staff '65-'66; Mu. 


Hjordis Helen Christoph Wake Forest, North Carolina 
Dramatics Club '63-'66; Y.D.C. '63'67; Belles Staff '66'67; Stage- 
coach Staff '64'65; Sophomore Superlative '65; Cold Cuts '66'67; 
May Day '64-'67; Mu. 

Barbara Jean Clarson St. Petersburg, Florida 
May Day '66; Muse Staff '65'67; Y.W.C.A. '66'67; Y.R.C. '66-'67; Sig- 

Joan Wallace Cochran Greensboro. North Carolina 
Choir '65'67; President of Choir '66'67; Hall Representative '65'66; 
United Fund Chairman '66-'67; Altar Guild '65 '67; Mu 

Barbara Harris Conrad Winston-Salem, North Carolina 
Muse Staff '66'67; Y.W.C.A. '65'67; Y.D.C. '66-'67; May Day '65'67; 

Ann Witten Copenhaver Roanoke, Virgina 
Chemistry Lab Assistant '65-'66; Glee Club '65'66; Ensemlbe '65'66; 
May Day '65'66; Y.W.C.A. '66'67; Senior Class Treasurer '66'67; Hall 
Council '66'67; Mu. 

DiAnna Cowan Williamston, North Carolina 
Hall Council '66'67; Sigma. 

Elizabeth Blout Crawford Virginia Beach, Virginia 
Y.W.C.A. '65'67; Altar Guild '66-'67; Belles Staff '66'67; Stagecoach 
Staff '65'67; Y.D.C. '65'67; Dramatics Club '65'67; Sigma. 

Martha Oliver Crawley Raleigh, North Carolina 
Sigma-Mu '63'67; Granddaughter's Club '63'67; Stagecoach 
Business Staff '63'67; Niles Medal '66; Belles Staff '65'66; Y.D.C. '63 
'67; Vice-President of Y.D.C. '65-'66; Letter Club '66'67; Sigma. 

Jane Collier Crum Columbia, South Carolina 
Glee Club '65'67; May Day '65'67; Mu. 

Judith Claire Crump Charlotte, North Carolina 
Y.W.C.A. '65'66; Sea Saints '65'67; May Day '65'66; Sigma. 

Marguerite Dewey Daniels Richmond, Virginia 
Marshall 66-67 

Elizabeth Roswell Davenport Richmond, Virginia 
Sigma-Mu 65-67, Mu Team Captain 66-67. 

Claudia Anne Davis Milledgeville, Georgia 

Belles Staff '65'67; Y.W.C.A. '65'67; Altar Guild '65-'67; Acolyte '66- 
'67; Y.D.C. '66- '67; Hall Council '66'67; Mu. 

Patricia Ricks Davis Raleigh, North Carolina 

Harriet Winchester Day Louisville, Kentucky 

Drama Club '65-'67; Altar Guild '65- '67; Muse Staff '65'67; May Day 
'65'67; Acolyte '65'66; Junior Class Treasurer '65'66; Mu. 

Ann Sloan Dill Rocky Mount, North Carolina 

Y.D.C. '65'67; Y.W.C.A. '65'67; Hall Representative '65 '66; Dramat- 
ics Club '65'66; Hall Council '66'67; Mu. 

Elizabeth Gunter Downey Jacksonville, North Carolina 
Granddaughter's Club '65'67; May Queen '67; Sigma. 

Carol Bonel Drake Greensboro, North Carolina 

Y.W.C.A. '65'67; Dramatics Club '65-'67; May Day '65- '67; Muse '66- 
'67; Mu. 

Dinah James Dunston Richmond, Virginia 

May Day '65'66; Mu Cheerleader '65-'67; Hall Council '66- '67. 

Louise Gilmer Edmunds Halifax, Virginia 

Y.R.C. '65'67; Cold Cuts '66- '67; Hall Counselor '66'67; Secretary of 

Senior Class '66'67; Mu. 
Merrie Denham England Birmingham, Alabama 

Stagecoach Staff '66-'67; Assistant Editor of Stagecoach '66'67; 

Belles Staff '65-'67; Choir '66-'67; Y.R.C. '65-'67; Hall Council '66'67; 

Dramatics Club '65-'67; Altar Guild '66'67; Sigma. 
Dorothy Rebecca Eure Suffolk, Virginia 

Y.W.C.A. '65-'67; Dramatics Club '65 '67; Y.D.C. '65 '67, Mu. 
Elizabeth Poinsett Exum Columbia, South Carolina 

Hall Council '66-'67; Y.R.C. '65'67; Y.W.C.A. '65 '67; May Day '65'67. 
Carolyn Elizabeth Finch Thomasville, North Carolina 

Dramatics Club '66'67; Y.W.C.A. '66 '67; Stagecoach Staff '63'67; 

Belles Staff '63-'67; Hall Council '66'67; Sigma. 
Edna Ferrelle Fitzpatrick Savannah, Georgia 

Sigma-Mu '65'67; Stagecoach Staff '66'67; Sports Editor for Stage 

coach; Hall Council '66'67; Hall Representative '65'66; Y.R.C. '65- 

'66; Letter Club '65'67; Belles Staff '65'67; Muse Staff '65'66; Tennis 

Club '66'67; President of Mu '66 '67. 
Kathleen Goodyear Flannagan Henderson, North Carolina 

Stagecoach Staff '65'66; Y.W.C.A. '65'67; Altar Guild '66-'67; Sigma. 
Nell Hunter Fleming Rocky Mount, North Carolina 

Dramatics Club '66'67; Y.W.C.A. '63 '67 Stagecoach Staff '63-'65; 

Y.D.C. '63'67 Hall Council '66'67; MU. 
Anne Boiling Flynn Tampa, Florida 

Stagecoach Staff '65'66; May Day 65-67; Granudaughter's Club 65- 

67; Councelor; Mu. 
Carolyn Murray Fowlkes Tarboro, North Carolina 

Honor Roll '65'66; Dramatics Club '65'67; Y.D.C. '65 '67; Y.W.C.A. 

'65-'67; Altar Guild '66-'67; Sigma. 
Carol Anne Franklin Charlotte, North Carolina 

Y.W.C.A. '65'66; Y.D.C. '66'67; Switchboard Operator '66 '67; Altar 

Guild '66-'67. 
Kathleen Ross Frazer Mobile, Alabama 

Orchesis '66-'67; Hall Council '66'67; Assistant Secretary '66'67; 

May Day '66'67; Belles Staff '66- '67; Sigma. 
Elizabeth Hill Freeman Suffolk, Virginia 

Mu Cheerleader 65-67; Dramatics Club 65 67; Mu. 
Henrietta Tompkins Freeman Bennettsville, S.C. 

Handbook Staff '65'66 Y.R.V. '65-'67; May Day '65'67; Sigma. 
Ella Lee Chase Friar Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 

Annual Staff '65-'66; Altar Guild '65- '67; Acolyte '65- '66; Sigma-Mu 

'65'66; Y.D.C '65'67; Chairman of Acolytes '66'67; Letter Club 

'66;'67; Sigma. 
Sandra L. Fullerton Hendersonville, North Carolina 

C.C.U.N. '65'67; Belles Staff '65-'67; Dramatics Club '65-67. 
Martha Batten Garrett Atlanta, Georgia 

May Day '65'67; Orchesis '65'67; Y.D.C. '66-'67: Y.W.C.A. '65'67; 

Stagecoach Staff '66'67; Dramatics Club '66'67; Sigma. 
Katherine Ellen Gartland Washington, D.C. 

Altar Guild '65'66; Y.D.C. '65 66; May Day '65'66; Mu. 


Anne Sebring Garwood Houston, Texas 

Drama Club 65-67: Y.W.C.A. 65-67, Altar Guild 65-67; Granddaughters 

Club 65-67; Sigma. 
Susan Worthington Gelston Baltimore, Maryland 

May Day '6-67; Y.D.C. '65'67; Y.W.C.A. '66-'67; Dramatics Club '66- 

'67; Stagecoach Staff '66'67; Senior Bowling Team. Captain '66'67; 

Sharon Ailing Gill New Bern, North Carolina 

Muse Staff '65-'67; Y.R.C. '65'67; Secretary-Treasurer of Y.R.C. '66- 

'67 Acolyte '65'67; May Day '65-'67; Altar Guild '66'67; Y.W.C.A. '66- 

Margaret Page Gilliam Mt. Airy, N.C. 

Hall Council 66-67; Y.W.C.A. '65'67, Secretary 66-67; Granddaugh- 
ter's Club 65-67; May Day 65-67; Sigma. 
Mary Nelson Glass Hopewill, Virginia 

Belles Staff '65-'67; Y.W.C.A. '65-'67; Vice-President of Y.W.C.A. '66- 

'67 Altar Guild '65-'67; Acolyte '66'67; Hall Council '66'67; Muse 

Staff '66'67; Sigma. 
Gretchen Vann Godwin Raleigh, North Carolina 

Y.D.C. '66'67; Belles Staff '66'67 Stagecoach Staff '66'67; Hall 

Council '66'67; May Day '66'67; Mu. 
Betty June Golding 

Y.W.C.A. '66'67; Y.R.C. '66'67; Dramatics Club '65-'67; Library Assis- 
tant '65- '66; Sigma. 
Elizabeth Farish Grant Laurinburg, North Carolina 

Dramatics Club '63'66; Y.D.C. '64'66 Belles Staff '65-'67; May Day 

'64'66; Sigma. 
Virginia Ann Gray High Point, N.C. 

Sea Saints, President 65-67, Sigma Glee Club, Ensemble 
Sallie Shaw Hammond Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Y.D.C. '65'67; Sigma. 
Mary Mac Hancock Columbia, South Carolina 

May Day '65-'66; Y.R.C. '65- '67; Y.W.C.A. '65- '67; Belles Staff '65'66 

Stagecoach '66'67; Altar Guild '66'67; Sigma. 
Susan Berry Hannah Atlanta, Georgia 

Stagecoach staff '65-67; Belles Staff '66-67; Cold Cuts '66-7; Mu. 
Anne Martin Harney Malaga, Spain 

Granddaughter's Club '66-67; Y.W.C.A. '65'67; President of Y.W.C.A. 

'66'67; Hall Council '66'67; Circle '66'67; Sigma. 
Jean Mary Healy Raleigh, North Carolina 

Orchesis '64'67; Dramatics Club '64-67; May Day '64-67; Sec.-Treas. 

of Orchesis '65'66; President of Orchesis '66'67; Sigma Cheerleader 

'65-67; President of Day students '66-67; Legislative Body '66 67; Hall 

Council '66-67.; Cold Cuts '65-67; Sigma. 
Jane Pardee Henderson Charlotte, North Carolina 

Y.W.C.A. '65'67; Y.R.C. '65-67; Muse Staff '65-67; Muse Staff '65-67; 

Granddaughters Club '65-67; Alter Guild '66-67; Sigma. 
Janet Irene Hicks Rocky Mount, North Carolina 

Y.D.C. '65-67; Altar Guild '65-67; Pres. of Altar Guild '66-67; Sigma 

Cheerleader '65-67; Head Sigma Cheerleader '66-67; Sigma. 
Harriet Kay Hodges Greensboro, North Carolina 

Hall Council '66-67; May Day '65-67; Sea Saints '65-66; Y.R.C. '65-67. 
Anna Margaret Holbrook Birmingham, Alabama 

May Day '66-67; Orchesis '65-67; Stagecoach staff '65-67; Editor of 

Stagecoach '66-67; Hall Council '66-67; Circle '66-67; Outstanding 

Senior '66-67: Sigma. 
Nancy Lou Hood Boonville, North Carolina 

Stagecoach Staff '65-67; Muse Staff '65-67; Dramatics Club "65-67; 

Y.W.C.A. '65-67; Y.D.C. '65-67; May Day '65-67; Sigma. 


Caroline Norfeet Huggms Charleston. South Carolina 

Sigma-Mu '65-67; Cold Cuts '65-67; Sigma. 
Christine Hurst Robersonville, North Carolina 

May Day '65-66; Y.D.C. '66-67; Y.W.C.A. '66-67; Altar Guild '66-67; 

Stagecoach Staff '66-67; Sigma. 
Sally Fulton Hurst Raleigh, North Carolina 

May Day '63'64; Stagecoach Staff '63'64; Y.R.C. '64'67; Y.W.C.A. 

'64 -'67-Dramatics Club '64'67; Glee Club '64 '65; Sec.-Treas. of Day 

Students '65-'66; Muse '65-'67; Hall Council '66-'67; Outstanding 

Senior '66'67; Sigma. 
Margaret Elaine Isley Gastonia, North Carolina 

Y.W.C.A. '65- '67; May Court '65'67; Belles Staff '65-'66; Marshal '66- 

'67; Y.R.C. '65'67; Sigma. 
Donna Louse Jacks Rome, Georgia 

Belles Staff '65'66; Gand Book Staff '65'67; Y.W.C.A. '65'67; May 

Day '65'67; Y.R.C. '65'67; Hall Council '66 '67; Mu. 
Sara Nair James Hamlet, North Carolina 

Hall Council '66-'67; Muse Staff '65'67; Y.D.C. '63-67; Pres. of Y.D.C. 

'66'67; Granddaughter's Club '63'67; Sec.-Treas. '66-'67; Altar Guild 

'65'67; May Day '63'67; Stagecoach Staff '64'67; Dramatics Club 

'63'67; Mu. 

Mary Louise Jennings Durham, North Carolina 

May Day '65'67; C. C.U.N. '65'67; C.C.U.N. to Duke '65; Grand- 
daughter's Club '65 '67; Y.R.C. '65'67; Muse Staff '65'67; Belles Staff 

'65'67; Dramatics Club '65-67; Altar Guild '66'67. 
Helen Bell Jenrette Raleigh, North Carolina 

Stagecoach Staff '65'67; Asst. Jr. Editor of Stagecoach; Mu. 
Noell Johnson Raleigh, N. C. 

May Day '65'66; Glee Club '65- '66; Granddaughter's Club '65- '67; 

Stagecoach Staff '65'66; Sec. Treas. Day Students '66'67; Sigma. 
Kathenne Lash Jordan Petersburg, Va. 

Belles Staff '65'67; May Day '65'67; YWCA '65'66; Mu. 
Elizabeth Anderson Keller Clayton, N. C. 

GleeClub '63'67, V-Pres. '67; Vocal Ensemble '64'67; Dramatics Club 

'63'67; YDC '63 '67, Sec. '67; Hall Counselor '67; Altar Guild '63'64; 

YWCA '63'64; Muse Staff '67; Mu. 
Margaret Campbell Kelly Tallahassee. Fla. 

Acolyte '65'66; Altar Guild '65- '66; Handbook Staff '65'67, Editor 

'67; Sigma-Mu '65'67; Letter Club '65-'67; Circle, Treas. '67; Hall 

Counselor '67; Sigma. 
Rebecca Jo King Durham, N. C. 

YWCA '65'67; Mu. 
Sarah Wayt Lambeth Richmond, Va. 

Cold Cuts '67; YWCA '66'67; Sigma. 
Alma Dale Lambdin Franklin, Va. 

Mu Cheerleader '65'67; YWCA '65'66; Tennis Team '65'66; Tennis 

Club-Pres. '66'67; Mu. 
Mary Sue Lawrence Raleigh, N. C. 

YWCA '65'67; Altar Guild '65-'67; Library Asst. , 65-'67;Mu. 
Mary Medearis Leary Richmond, Va. 

Honor Board '65'67, V-Pres. '66'67; YRC '65'66; Y.W.C.A '65-'66; 

Vice-Pres. Student Gov't. '66 '67; Leg. Body Chairman '66 '67; Circle 

'67; Hall Council '66'67; Disciplinary Comm. '66'67; Stage Coach 

Staff '66'67; Outstanding Senior; Hall Counselor '67; Sigma. 
Nancy Ann Lee Tampa. Fa. 

Mu Cheerleader 65-67; Tennis team 66-67; Y.W.C.A 66-67; Y.D.C. 66- 

67; Muse staff 66-67 
Mary Elizabeth Little Wadesboro, N. C. 

YWCA '65'67; YDC '65 '67; Altar Guild '65'67; May Day '65'67; Hall 

Counselor '67; Dramatic's Club '66'67; Sigma. 
Julia Anne Livingston Lumberton, N. C. 

YDC '65'67; YWCA '66- '67; Dramatic's Club '66'67; May Day '65'67; 

Martha Marbury McCullough Birmingham, Ala 

Sea Saints '65 '66; Dramatics Club '65'66; YWCA '65;'67; YRC '66- 

'67; Stagecoach Staff '66'67; Tennis Team '66-'67; May Court '67; 

Cynthia Lynn McDonough Raleigh, N. C. 

Dramatic's Club '66'67; Sigma. 
Mary Lou McGowan Columbia, S. C. 

May Day '65-'67; YDC '66- '67; YWCA '66'67; Stagecoach Staff '66'67; 

Dramatic's Club '66' 67; Mu. 


Nancy Lender Wingfield McGowan Marietta, Ga. 

YDC '65- '67; Y.W.C.A. '65-'67; Altar Guild '65-'67; Granddaughter's 

Club '65-'67; Sigma; May day '65-'66. 
Lucile Best McKee Raleigh, N. C. 

Drama Club 63-67, Sec-Treas. Beacon 63-64, Vice-Pres Freshman 

Class 63-64, Y.R.C. 65-67, Leg. Body 65-67, Belles 65-66, Stagecoach 

63-67, Altar Guild 66-67, Sec. of Circle 66-67, Counselor 66-67, Cold 

Cuts 66-67, JR. Class Pres. 65-66, Senior Class Pres. 66-67, Out- 
standing Senior; Mu. 
Catherine Rhodes McLanahan Elberton, Ga. 

May Day '65-'66; YWCA '66-'67; Mu. 
Lynn Elizabeth McQuilkin Charlotte, N. C. 

YRC '66'67; YWCA '65'67; Altar Guild '66- '67; Tennis Club '66-'67; 

Sigma-Mu '65'67; Sigma. 
Virginia Anita McSwain Macon, Ga. 

Alter Guild 65-66; Mu. 
Lavinia Lander Marshall Montgomery, Ala. 

Orchesis '65'67; May Day '66-'67; May Court '67; Hall Counselor '67; 

YRC '65-'67; Marshal '67; Mu. 
Susan Marshall Hampton, Va. 

Counselor '66'67; Fire Chief '66- '67; Muse '66-'67; Y.W.C.A. '65-'67; 

gym assistant '66'67; Sigma. 
Anita Louise Martin Richmond, Va. 

Sea Saints 65-66 
Meredith Maynard Chicago, III. 

Dramatics Club '65'67; Muse '65'67; Y.R.C. '66'67; Belles '66-'67; 

May Day '65'67; Sigma. 
Nancy Leland Maynard Raleigh, N.C. 

Y.D.C. '66'67; Mu. 
Martha Battle Mebane Rocky Mount, N.C. 

Hall Rep. '65'66; Leg. Body '65'66; Petitions Comm. '65- '66; Stage- 
coach '65-'66; Granddaughters' Club '65'67; Counselor '66'67; 

Y.D.C. '66'67; Sigma. 
Sarah Anne Melvin Rocky Mount, N.C. 

Y.D.C. '65'67; Y.W.C.A. '65'67; Altar Guild '65-'67; May Day '65-'67; 

Counselor '66'67; Mu. 
Susan Hamick Miller Raleigh, N.C. 

Sigma-Mu '65'66; Sigma Cheerleader '66-'67; May Day '65-'66; Sig- 
Olivia Turlington Miller Birmingham, Ala. 

Y.W.C.A. '65'67; Y.R.C. '65'67; May Day '65'67; Stagecoach '66-'67; 

Marshal '66'67; Orchesis '65'67; Mu. 
Michele Milhchap Albany, Ga. 

Dramatics Club '63-'65; May Day '63'66; Glee Club '63'65; Y.D.C. 

'65'66; Belles '66'67; Stagecoach '66'67; Mu. 
Mary Ella Mills Greenville. S.C. 

Granddaughters' club '65-'67; Sigma-Mu '65'67; Mu. 
Thelma Eugenia Morgan Raleigh, N.C. 

May Day 65-67; Sigma. 
Martha Morgan Raleigh, N.C. 

Stagecoach '65'67; May Day '65'67; Dramatics Club '66'67; Sigma. 

Juliet Elizabeth Murrell Charlotte, N.C. 

Sigma-Mu '65-'67,; May Day '65'66; Counselor '66- '67; Mu. 
Dorothy Sue Nahikian Raleigh, N.C. 

Glee Club 65-67; Ensemble; Sigma. 
Anne Horton Northington Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Y.R.C. '65-'67; Granddaughters' Club '65-'67; May Day '65-'67; Belles 

'66-'67; Sigma. 
Susan Rae Owens Plymouth, N.C. 

Dramatics Club '65-'67; Y.W.C.A. '66-'67; St Genesis '66-'67; Coun- 
selor '66'67; Sigma. 
Jane Celeste Patrick Morehead City, N.C. 

Y.W.C.A. '65'66; Glee Club '65'66; Ensemble '65'66; Chief Marshal 

'66'67; May Court '66- '67; Circle '66'67; Mu. 
Sajlie Elizabeth Ragsdale Raleigh, N.C. 

Dramatics Club '65'66; Caperettes '65'67; Cold Cuts '66-'67; May 

Day '65-'67; Stagecoach '65-'66; Sigma. 
Clarine Gatling Pollock Gatesville, N.C. 

Granddaughters' Club '65-'67; Caperettes '65- '67; May Day '65-'66; 

Asst. Fire Marshal '66- '67; Counselor '66'67; Mu. 


Claire Elizabeth Robinson Charlotte, N.C. 
Sigma-Mu '65-'67; Y.D.C. '66- '67; Altar Guild '66-*67; Tennis Club '66- 
'67; Sigma. 

Judith D. Rockefeller Raleigh, N.C. 

Y.W.C.A. '65-'67; Y.D.C. '65'67; C.C.CU.N. '66'67; Mu. 

Kinsey Sabiston Carthage, N.C. 
Pres. Freshman class '63- '64; Pres. Sophomore Class '64'65; Sec. 
Junior Class '65'66; Vice-Pres. Senior Class '66-'67; Beacon '64'65; 
Leg. Body '64-'65; Dramatics Club '64'67; Y.W.C.A. '66'67; Coun- 
selor '66'67; Soph. Superlative '65; Mu. 

Jane Russell Shuping Greensboro, N.C. 
Caperettes '65-'67; Muse '65'67; Y.W.C.A. '66- '67; Counselor '66-'67; 
May Day '65'67; Mu. 

Helen Silcox Charleston, S.C. 
Handbook Comm. '66-'67; SigmaMu '65- '67. 

Elizabeth Lee Simmons Asheville, N.C. 
Granddaughters' Club '65'67; Acolyte '65'67; May Day '65'66; 
Y.W.C.A. '66'67; Y.R.C. '66'67; Hall Rep. '66'67; Sigma. 

Mervyn Elizabeth Smith Snow Hill, N.C. 
Dramatics Club '65-'67; Mu. 

Nancy Middleton Smith Rome, Ga. 
Stagecocah '65-'66; Y.R.C. '65- '66; May Day '65'67; Belles '66-'67; 
Sec. Leg. Body; '66'67. Counselor '66'67; Sigma. 

Margaret Stevens Shiloh, N.C. 

Y.D.C. '63'67; Pres. Y.D.C. '65 '66; Y.W.C.A. '63'67; choir '65'67; Vice- 
Pres. choir '65-66; crucifer 63-67; Head Crucifer 66-67; Beacon 64-65; 
Pre;, beacon 64-65; Treas. Freshman Class 63-64; Soph. Superlative 
64-65; Underclassmen Honor Board Rep. 64-65; Jr. Rep. Honor Board 
65-66; Chairman Honor Board 66-67; Counselor 66-67; May Day 63- 
67; Dramatics Club 66-67; Granddaughters' club 63-67; Circle 66-67; 
Pres. Student Gov. Assoc. 66-67; Outstanding Senior 66-67; Sigma. 

Mary Ann Stirling Columbia, S.C. 
Acolyte 65-67; Sigma-Mu 65-67; Y.D.C. 65-67, Crucifer 66-67; Altar 
guild 66-67 Hall Rep. 66-67; Mu. 

Linda Eva Stott Springhope, N.C. 
Glee Club 63-66; Dramatics Club 63-67; Sec-Treas. Dramatics club 65- 
66; Pres. Dramatics Club 66-67; Y.D.C. 63-67; Y.W.C.A. 63-67; Altar 
Guild 63-66; May Day 63-67; Vice-Pres. Glee Club 64-65; Ensemble 64- 
66; Librarian Glee Club 65-66; Orchesis 64-67; Dance Marshal Jr; 
Class 65-66; St Genesis 65-67; Honor Roll for the year 65-66; Chair- 
man of Assembly 66-67; Counselor 66-67; Sec-Treas. St Genesis 66- 
67; Cold Cuts 66-67; Outstanding Senior, Sigma. 

Ava Jane Stout Greensboro, N.C. 
May day 65-67; Mu; Cheerleader 66-67; Choir 65-66. 

Elizabeth Jocelyn Strange Wilmington, N.C. 
Drama Club 66-67; Belles 66-67; Tennis Team 66-67 Muse 66-67 
Y.D.C. 66-67; Y.W.C.A. 66-67; May Day 66-67; Sigma. 

Gale Swann Morehead City, N.C. 
Choir65-67; Y.D.C. 65-67; Sec-Treas. Y.D.C. 65-66; Y.W.C.A. 65-67; Al- 

tar Guild 66-67; Leg. Body 65 66; Counselor 66-67; Sec-Treas. Student 

Gov. Assoc. 66-67; Sec. Honor Board 66-67; Circle 66-67; May Day 65- 

66; Outstanding senior; Mu. 
Virginia Davenport Thompson Raleigh, N.C. 

N.C. State Volunteers 65-66; Y.D.C. 66-67; May Day 66-67; Grand 

daughters' Club 65-67; Sigma. 
Lucy Grahm Turner Pink Hill, N.C. 

Drama Club 65-67; Y.D.C. 65-67; May Day 65-67; Caperettes 65-67; 

Belles 65-66; Bridge Champion 66-67; Mu. 
Karen Jean Ulberg Raleigh, N.C. 

N.C. State Volunteers 65-67; Y.W.C.A. 65-66; sigma. 
Harriet Lee Upton Troutman, N.C. 

Y.W.C.A. 65-66; Y.R.C. 66-67; Drama Club 66-67, Muse 66-67 May Day 

66-67; Mu. 
Nancy Dicks Vernon Walnut Cove, N.C. 

Y.D.C. 65-67; Y.W.C.A. 65-66; May Day 65-66; Altar Guild 66-67; Sig- 
Barbara Leonora Wall Raleigh, N.C. 

Sigma Cheerleader 65-66; Sigma 
Elizabeth Sandra Wallace Charlotte. N.C. 

Y.W.C.A. 65 67; Counselor 66-67; Y.D.C. 66-67; Altar Guild 66-67; Mu. 
Mary Ann Warren Durham, N.C. 

Sigma-Mu 65-67; Acolyte 66-67: Belles 66-67; Drama Club 66-67; Hall 

Rep. 66-67; Mu. 
Stacy Prince Watkins Emporia, Va. 

Sec. Hall Council 66-67; Sigma-Mu 65-67; Sigma. 
Charlotte Haxall Noland Weaver Birmingham, Ala. 

May Day 65-67; Y.R.C. 65-67; Pres. Y.R.C. 66 67; Counselor 66-67; 

Marshal 66-67; Stagecoach 66-67; Mu. 
Harriet Lynn White Raleigh, N.C. 

Stagecoach 65-67; Y.D.C. 66-67; Cold Cuts 66-67; Mu. 
Joan Elizabeth Wickham Tarboro, N.C. 

Y.W.C.A. 63-67; Y.D.C. 63-67; Drama Club 63-67; St. Genesis 65 67; 

C. C.U.N. 63-67; Vice-Pres. C. C.U.N. 66-67; Acolyte 65-66; Muse 66-67; 

Honor Roll for the Year 65-66; Sigma. 
Laura Frances Whitley Raleigh, N.C. 

Counselor 66-67; cheerleader 66-67; Dance Marshal Senior Class 66- 

67; May Court 65-67; Maid Of Honor 66-67; Drama Club 66-67; Sigma. 
Ruth Fountain Willets Durham, N.C. 

Y.W.C.A. 65-67; Y.D.C. 65-67; Drama Club 65-67; Altar Guild 65-67; 

Stagecoach 65-66; May Day 65-67; Glee Club 66-67; Hall Rep. 66-67; 

Carra Byrd Yancey Raleigh, N.C. 

Granddaughters' Club 65-67; C. C.U.N. 66-67; Drama Club 66-67; Mu. 
Carol Elaine Parker Benson, N.C. 

Y.R.C. 65-67; Caperettes 65-67; Mu cheerleader 65-67; May Day 65-67; 

Mu Head Cheerleader 66-67. 


senior index 

Ager, Loyer Lawton p. 106 
Arbuckle, Corinne Harper p. 96 
Aretakis, Evanthia Vurnakes p. 120 
Austin, Jane Efird p. 99 
Avery, Eunice Lee p. 119 
Beville, Linda Lewis p. 104 
Block, Christina Jo p. 84 
Botts, Chyrell p. 98 
Breeden, Frances Eoff p. 97 
Brittain, Cheryl Ganson p. 105 
Burgwyn, Margaret Elizabeth p. 116 
Carter, Elizabeth Fowle p. 112 
Christoph, Hjordis Helen p. 109 
Clarson, Barbara Jean p. 89 
Cochran, Joan Wallace p. 92 
Conrad, Barbara Harris p. 94 
Copenhaver, Ann Witten p. 81 
Cowan, Di Anna p. 116 
Crawford, Elizabeth Blount p. 125 
Crawley, Martha Oliver p. 85 
Crum, Jane Collier p. 125 
Crump, Judith Claire p. 107 
Daniels, Marguerite Dewey p. 124 
Davenport, Elizabeth Roswell p. 121 
Davis, Claudia Anne p. 94 
Davis, Patricia Ricks p. 88 
Day, Harriet Winchester p. 82 
Dill, Ann Sloan p. 117 
Downey, Elizabeth Gunter p. 103 
Drake, Carol Bonel p. 112 
Dunston, Dinah James p. 93 
Edmunds, Louise Gilmer p. 81 
England, Mary Denham p. 115 
Eure, Dorothy Rebecca p. 103 
Exum, Elizabeth Poinsett p. 92 
Finch, Carolyn Elizabeth p. 122 
Fitzpatrick, Edna F. p. 91 
Flannagan, Kathleen Goodyear p. 105 
Fleming, Nell Hunter p. 84 
Flynn, Anne Boiling p. 99 
Fowlkes, Carolyn Murray p. 88 
Franklin, Carol Anne p. 87 
Frazer, Kathleen Ross p. 105 
Freeman, Elizabeth Hill p. 112 
Freeman, Henrietta Tompkins p. 119 
Friar, Ella Lee Chase p. 101 
Fullerton, Sandra L. p. 116 
Garrett, Martha Batten p. 100 
Gartland, Katherine Ellen p. 121 
Garwood, Anne Sebring p. 123 
Gill, Sharon Ailing p. 103 
Gelston, Susan Worthington p. 125 
Gilliam, Margaret Page p. 100 
Glass, Mary Nelson p. 124 

Godwin, Gretchen Vann p. Ill 

Golding, Elizabeth Jane p. 108 

Grant, Elizabeth Farish p. 105 

Gray, Virginia Ann p. 90 

Hammond, Sallie Shaw p. 122 

Hancock, Mary Mac p. 114 

Hannah, Susan Berry p. 114 

Harney, Ann Martin p. 108 

Healy, Jean Mary p. 120 

Henderson, Jane Pardee p. 122 

Hicks, Janet Irene p. 96 

Hodges, Harriet Kay p. 109 

Holbrook, Anna Margaret p. Ill 

Hood, Nancy Lou p. 86 

Huggins, Caroline Norfleet p. 103 

Hurst, Christine p. 123 

Hurst, Sally Fulton p. 105 

Isley, Margaret Elaine p. 112 

Jacks, Donna Louise p. 124 

James, Sara Nair p. 98 

Jennings, Mary Louise p. 92 

Jenrette, Helen Bell p. 97 

Johnson, Noell p. 89 

Jordan, Katherine Lash p. 116 

Keller, Elisabeth Anderson p. 110 

Kelly, Margaret Campbell p. 99 

King, Rebecca Jo p. 123 

Lambeth, Sarah Wayt p. 90 

Lambdin, Alma Dale p. 87 

Lawrence, Mary Sue p. 83 

Leary, Mary Medearis p. 110 

Little, Mary Elizabeth p. 113 

Livingston, Julia Anne p. 106 

McCullough, Martha Marbury p. 115 

McDonough, Cynthia Lynn p. 88 

McGowan, Mary Louise p. 122 

McGowan, Nancy Lender Wingfield p. 113 

McKee, Lucile Best p. 80 

McLanahan, Catherine Rhodes p. 101 

McQuilkin, Lynne Elizabeth p. 102 

McSwain, Virginia Anita p. 83 

Marshall, Lavinia Lander p. 104 

Marshall, Martha Susan p. Ill 

Martin, Anita Louise p. 100 

Maynard, Meredith Mann p. 120 

Maynard, Noncy Leland p. 85 

Mebane, Martha Battle p. 114 

Melvin, Sarah Anne p. 90 

Miller, Olivia Turlington p. 110 

Miller, Susan Hamrick p. 85 

Millichap, Michele p. 118 

Mills, Mary Ella p. 109 

Morgan, Martha p. 93 

Morgan, Thelma E. p. 95 


Murrell, Juliet Elizabeth p. 102 
Nahikian, Dorothy Sue p. 118 
North. Laura Ellen p. 82 
Northmgton, Anne Horton p. 95 
Owens, Susan Rae p. 117 
Parker, Carol Elaine p. 96 
Patrick, Jane Celeste p. 107 
Pollock, Clarine Gatling p. 123 
Ragsdale, Sallle Elizabeth p. 86 
Robinson, Claire Elizabeth p. 96 
Rickefeller, Judith Louella p. 113 
Sabiston, Cornelia Kinsey p. 81 
Shuping, Jane Russell p. 86 
Simmons, Elizabeth Lee p. 84 
Smith, Mervyn Elisabeth p. 82 
Smith, Nancy Middleton p. 93 
Stevens, Margaret p. 86 
Stirling, Mary Ann p. 119 

Stott, Linda Eva p. 117 
Strange, Elizabeth Jocelyn p. 99 
Swann, Gale p. 91 

Thompson, Virginia Davenport p. 97 
Turner, Lucy Graham p. 121 
Ulberg, Karen Jean p. 93 
Upton, Harriet Lee p. 108 
Vernon, Nancy Dicks p. 101 
Wall, Barbara Leonora p. 118 
Wallace, Elizabeth Sandra p. 102 
Warren, Mary Ann p. 95 
Watkins, Stacy Prince p. 120 
Weaver, Charlotte Haxall N. p. 106 
White, Harriet Lynn p. 94 
Wickham, Joan Elizabeth p. 91 
Whitley, Laura Frances p. 107 
Yancey, Carra Byrd p. 113 
Willets, Ruth Fountain p. 91 


a year ends— we separate, 
but a reunion begins each 

time we open the cover— 
we remember and we smile. 

Anna Holbrook, Editor 
Merrie England, Assistant Editor